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Sertec: the history of small AC motors is our history

Sertec will propose the most efficient and economical small motor solution for your needs. Small geared motors by Sertec have long been trusted and valued. Our gear head are being used by many DC motor manufacturers, and we can offer our services in collaboration with other companies in the same industry.


Induction motors

A wide variety is available. Best as general motive power for continuous operation in a single direction. For continuous operation at a constant speed. Single-phase and three-phase motors are available, depending on the power supply.


Belt conveyors, pumps, fans, machine tools, actuators, mixers, physics and chemistry instruments, washing machines, money and banking equipment, amusement equipment, various automated assembly devices, etc.
  • Standard specification
    Sizes Φ60 to Φ90, single-phase with 4 poles (100 V or 200 V)
  • Three-phase motor
    Sizes Φ80 to Φ90, three-phase with 4 poles (200 V)

Reversible motors

Direction of rotation can be switched in an instant. Best for uses that require frequent switching of direction or for intermittent operation. Select the type of brake: common built-in basic brake, with electromagnetic brake, and with electronic brake are available.


Electrically driven valves, vending machines, dividing and packing machines, lifts, food product machinery, business machines, opening/closing mechanisms, speed change gears, amusement equipment, various residential equipment, etc.
  • Standard specification
    Sizes Φ60 to Φ90, 100 V or 200 V (basic brake)
  • Electromagnetic brake
    Sizes Φ60 to Φ90, 100 V or 200 V
  • Electronic brake
    Sizes Φ60 to Φ80, 100 V or 200 V (combined or separate)
  • Brake pack for use with electronic brakes

Speed control motors

Combine with a control pack for variable speed. For continuous variable operation. Select the combination with a controller: separate type and packaged type are available.


Physics and chemistry instruments, printers, medical equipment, business machines, belt conveyors, amusement equipment, etc.
  • Separate type
    Sizes Φ60 to Φ90, 100 V or 200 V (basic brake)
  • Speed control pack for use with separate type


Can reduce the motor’s rotation speed to what is necessary and gain significant torque.


All products with built-in motors
  • Ball bearing types
    Sizes Φ60 to 90

Explosion-proof motors

The group of products for use in hazardous environments where explosive or flammable gases or similar dangers are present. Two types are available for use with different gases and environments: pressure-resistant explosion-proof and increased-safety explosion-proof motors. (25 W and 30 W outputs)

Customized motors

We can propose modified torque characteristics, output shaft modification, case modification, terminal modification, and other solutions best for your needs.

Customized gearheads

We can propose the gear reduction ratio, output shaft modification, case modification, attachment of gears and pulleys, and other solutions best for your needs.

Rotors and stators

Consult us for built-in designs as well.
Dear overseas customers:
We can accept inquiries from overseas customers by email only (we do not accept phone calls). For motors built into a product, please inquire with the manufacturer of the product.